Well, Normally I’ve been playing tennis on Wednesday nights so being home is a bit of a treat. Clearly however my brain couldnt handle it and I managed to mess up the first try of this dish something horrid.


I’m not sure what I was thinking but crushed ginger and tomato paste=not so good.


Hence there is only one pic for this one.

However, A quick saute of some garlic, ginger, spring onions and mushrooms to get a little bit of colour. Then chicken pieces get browned off. I’m loving my cast iron skillet at the moment, just PERFECT for making a good bit of colour on some protein.


Then those get jammed into an oven proof dish, and left for a minute. Pour some stock into the skillet to get all the crusty nommy bits off the pan, and then add some lentils to the mix.  A splash of soy and and some louisiana hot sauce.

Then this just gets poured over the chicken and baked for about forty minutes.


This is the result.  Lentils were a great addition to the dish. And a bit of rice to mop up the sauce was awesome.


Chicken and Lentil Mid-weeker