It’s Sunday, end of the weekend for most. For me however it’s my Monday. After a whole one day off  due to some Friday conference action I’m still knackered.

Nursing a bruised and battered ankle from tennis during the week, you could say I’m a pretty goddamn happy chappy.

However, on the car ride home on Friday my boss handed me these. Hogget chops. I havent had these in years, but they are pretty tasty.

BOSS hogget?

Not heaps in the fridge. But I was thinking something to cut thru the fattiness. Of which there is a bit around the sweet sweet morsels of meat.

Now I’m starting a new blog called which is for family meals under $10. I’m not sure how much these chops would be worth, so its going to be a Pinkysbits meal for today.

So, I manage to scrounge a few spring onions and some leeks, sweat ’em quickly with some garlic and ginger.

No so springy now...

Then in goes some soy and a splash of balsamic to help cut through some of that hogget fattiness.

Spring onions, garlic and soy/balsamic....a total nom mess.

This is reduced a little.

While all this is going on, my trusty rice cooker is doing its thing.

$30, 3 years old. And still the best rice ever.

People may say “why do you need a rice cooker?”   To this I reply…..”millions of Japanese can’t be wrong.”  It takes twenty minutes, you just chuck in the rice and water and its DONE.

Back to the hogget. I finally dust off my cast iron pan again and throw in those chops. Well…GENTLY. Hot oil burns kids. BURNS.

Brown baby brown.

Now these just got coloured on both sides. Then it was back into the sauce to braise for a bit.


Then it was off to the bucket garden to get some lettuce and the first radish of the season.

I wanna radish!

Then its time to eat!

All done. Nice easy sunday night meal.