Who likes a good tart? As far as I know…EVERYONE.

Went to the Masterton Farmers Market today. German dude there does the BEST bread around(and its really close to where I live, so score!).  And then I saw it. Castlepoint Feta.

For those who know me, they know I got married out by the beach there. Rugged coast, etc etc. Plus my wife LOVES feta. And I knew I had some leeks in the fridge, and some shortcrust in freezer.


So aways I went. Sliced up some leeks, whilst my pastry was blind baking.

Leeks. Sliced. Poor things didn't even see me coming.

Then I removed the gold from the fridge. Terrific crumbly firm feta. OM nom.


Feta. Salty and Firm.


Eggs. Eggsellent. Four should do it, and then I'll splash some milk in. (no cream, I'm on a budget here!)

Then I beat the bejesus outta the eggs, and set up my tart, put the sweated leeks and Feta in the blind baked pastry.


Before Egging.


Then Its just a matter of adding the custard, and baking at 180 for about 20 minutes until its set.


Done and done. Delish....

Yeah, I was a bit ambitious with not trimming the pastry. (Oven is a bit keen sometimes.) But this went down a treat. Leeks were lovely and soft, and the feta gave it a great salty tang.


I give this 4 stars . Next time I’ll be more careful with the pastry. Great for this miserable winters day though.