Now that I’m another year older, I was lucky enough to score one  of these for my birthday.


Topping amp

Topping Amp-15w per channel 🙂


I’d heard good things about tripath amps. I’m a bit of a purist in that I like to have seperate speakers, so didnt really want to go down the track of ipod/dock/all-in-ones.


Anyways, I unpacked it (with the paper ripping help of my 8mth old), and set it up with the banana plugs I had kicking about. Chucked in the ipod touch and I was away. Wow.


They pitch them as having “audiophile” sound. I admit I was pretty darn sceptical, but damn.  Hooked up to some 80w technics speakers, it just purred.  I threw my reference track of the Roots “the fire” at it, and was amazed at the things I hadnt heard before.(I’ve got this album on vinyl and mp3, and listened to it thru headphones and speakers hundreds of times.)


It was like rediscovering my music again. Rocked out with some Mid Youth Crisis and Bodyjar for the Aussie punk factor, and then chucked on some Philip Selway for some quiet times.


Next up was a few vinyl tracks from less than Jake and the Roots.  Wow, it just sounds GREAT!


I’d really recommend this amp for those who have a lot of music on their computers, it’d be perfect with some bookshelf speakers to rock out.   I know, I sound like a fanboy, but am totally converted!