You know when people ask certain questions, you hate certain answers?

Some people are more non-committal than others.


I guess the question that comes to mind to me is: “So what type of music are you into?”

And the answer is given-“Everything really,whatevers on the radio.”


CRAP! Grow a pair and HAVE A POINT OF VIEW.

Heres my answer:

I LOVE music. Not all sorts. I LOVE heavy metal, punk and rock n roll.

My fave artist/s. Rocket from the Crypt-and anything with John Reis in it. Yup-he’s my boy crush.

Less Than Jake for BBQ music, The National for rainy days and The Roots for  hip hop when I have visitors.


I’m equally enamoured with Herbie Hancock’s newer stuff when I want to read a book late at night.(The disco era is just a bit weird for me).


I’m always open to hearing new things, but I have a passion for the underdog, the slightly left of field. Many a time it’s the cookie monster vocals of a death metal band, or the crazy flows of some hip-hop MC trying to express his views to the world.


Lately I’ve been on a slight nostalgia trip. Re-listening to music I was into in the late 90’s. The beginnings of the hardcore I listened to for YEARS  afterwards.  Hearing bands like Snapcase, Hatebreed and Strife(all Victory records artists) showcasing their straight-edge credentials on their sleeves.(Or hands as it was at the time).

Then from that path I was led down others by friends saying “you gotta check this out”, and from there was Rocket from the Crypt, the Swarm, Integrity, Fugazi, Minor Threat to name a few.  Not to forget the eternal favourites on Fat Wreck Chords-NOFX and Propaghandi. And some Bad Religion for good measure.  The compilations from Epitaph and Fat were always good on the discman.


Seeing some of the larger hardcore guys up close such as Shutdown and Terror really was like another world. Perfect pogo-ing musclebound jocks screaming out their tributes to Ray Beez.   Scott Vogel spitting his rage/having a bit of a tanty.


Amongst some of these I heard things I still really enjoy.Often people have cringeworthy recollections of what they listened to and I’m no different. But some of favourites are still Mid Youth Crisis from Australia, who now have members in Coue Method. Bodyjar and Frenzal Rhomb for the aussie pop-punk.  Memories of being at the Lion Red pub in Lower Hutt and wallking in after the all ages show to hear “Get fucked you fucking fuckwit, you can’ move into my house”, and seeing the parents picking up their kids from the AA show was priceless.


Nowadays I’m a little older, and a bit more mellow. I have to admit to listening to Mumford and Sons and quite liking it. Along with my now dislike of hooded sweatshirts I find myself somewhat more “adult”. People always say to me that it’s all about growing up. Is it? Or is it just tastes changing?  Does our environment dictate our musical choices?

Living in Melbourne with at least a half hour commute meant I never left the house without an ipod. Now that I drive everywhere and my work journey is 15 mins tops means my time at home is spent with music on instead.

The first thing I did to both of our cars-upgrade the stereos so they have aux/usb inputs for my ipod.

My last two presents from my wife and son have been headphones and an amp.

Every year for his birthday my dad gets a cd from me.


I think the universe is trying to tell me something.


Music is life.



slayer cake!