It seems I am getting well known for my persistent cough recently. To the point where people can recognize me from the other side of the car park!

Multiple doctor visits, antibiotics, medication-nothing seems to really get rid of it. This has been cracking on for a couple of years, one doctor even suggested I just had the “Wairarapa cough”.

Screw that.

Hello Internet and the wonderful world of self-diagnosis and quackery. Also, the library helps. Because books are just better sometimes ok? And SUPPORT YOUR LIBRARY!

So I read this: which is by a Harvard author. I recognise the symptoms….stuffy/congested/headaches/allergies…and a cough!

Apart from medication and elimination diets-what does he suggest but a  “Nasal Rinse”.

So i look into this further. Its pretty much SQUIRTING SALTY WATER UP YOUR NOSE!

You could view it here: Some of the comments are pretty darn average and if you don’t like looking at girls with water coming out of their noses look away.

So anyways, I figured anything is better than constantly coughing and hacking and dealing with allergies. Jumped online and ordered the one in the video.

Followed the instructions and woo hoo! Water up and out of my nose! A little bit weird, but not entirely uncomfortable.
Lets see how this goes 🙂