So I got home from a great day at work today, talked to my wife before she shot off to work at the bar, and flicked on FB. “Tony Sly dead at 41.”

Sad Face 🙁


To those who don’t know, he was the singer for a punk band called “No use for Name”.  One of the first so-cal style punk bands I ever got into. I think half the youth population of Nelson was introduced to them via “Survival of the Fattest” compilation from Fat Wreck Chords(Fat Mike from NOFX’s label).



Survival of the fattest-via Wikipedia


Track two was “Justified Black Eye”, from the album “Leche Con Carne!”  Some people might recognise that album from the cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”.


Yup, musicians do die-a lot. I realise this.


But at 41? Really? He’s less than 10 years older than me. And with a family.


Keep them confusedKeep them confused-cheers Wikipedia



Now, I picked up this album from Missing Link In Melbourne when I lived there for about 10 bux on vinyl. Initially…I didint like it. But over the last couple of years-it, and the Roots “How I got over”…faves.


Great tunes, kinda emo. But a nice well rounded album.  I’ll be listening to it all night I think.

RIP Mr Sly.