I have a confession.


I have netflix.


And I love to watch cheesy ass reality shows. Along with indie documentaries though.(Redemption…nah, probably not going to work).


Current fave is 2m2m. Basically its from about 2009, about 4 “high school math wizards” who play online poker professionally.


Cue “Rich Kids of Instagram” style shopping, and dining. And then days of sitting in a room with 4 computers playing online poker!  In Vegas.


And….they have friends that do the same thing! One called “Lucky-Chewy”


Poker. But on the internet!


Lots of “talking to, and meeting girls”. Really, impossibly enhanced bikini-clad females, who seem to always have their chests in the middle of the frame.


And honestly….I’ve pretty much watched the entire 10 episodes! Just interesting to watch even if sometimes it’s so cringeworthy it hurts.


Unfortunately G4 didnt renew it for another season……..:(