I was thinking the other day during a rare moment of absolute peace. Kids were both sleeping, tv was off and I didn’t have any music playing like I normally do.

Thinking about a conversation I had with a friend recently where we discussed the 90 percenters.


Now, this isn’t a financial rant about those more privileged  or a rage against the corporate machine. (Those have been done to death already).


Its about a more than three quarters done job…but one that could’ve been SO great.


Example: Make a sandwich. Eat sandwich. Clean up everything except for the butter covered knife-which you then leave in the (otherwise empty) sink.

Clean and valet a car so it shimmers in the sun. And then don’t black the tyres.


My wife has a book by Victoria Beckham (She of Spice Girls/David Beckham Life). Its called  “An extra half an inch” It’s about fashion and dressing up etc. In my brief skim of it, it’s also about making the effort.


How does this relate to what I’m saying? Well so many times we get flash refitted shops, shiny new cafes and chic boutiques.


And they get spoiled at the final turn.

Things like: Fabuolus refurbished cafe in town, with great outdoor seating, gelato bar and slick paint job. Only thing is there is still the same rather surly barista behind the counter. Who gives the same almost sighing repsonse when she brings you your (rather overpriced coffee). And signs telling you to queue at the other counter.


Its the menswear shop with $150 shirts and beautiful accessories. Well laid out and bright and inviting. Spoiled by plain a4 paper signs sellotaped everywhere.


Kills all the hard work folks doesn’t it?


I’m guilty of it too. I get home and put away my clothes and gear from the day, except my bag which I just throw on the floor.

I’m trying to make an effort though. (I now put it in the wardrobe away from sight).

It is hard to always give 100%.

But the feeling of satisfaction and completion means my mind is free to make other decisions instead of dwelling on the 10% remainder which I haven’t done.

My mantra at the moment.


Lets finish the jobs properly and give it 100% and tick it off the list!


I know I feel better when I do.