As part of  the weekly shopping ritual, my wife and I have decided to try having a few more meals without meat. One for budgetary reasons and for the simple fact that it makes us get more inventive with our meals. I always find that meat can be a way of copping out, and not really trying. But when forced to use ingredients that have be treated differently, it really kicks the creativeness up a notch.


Having said that, being time-poor lately has meant a few more convienience foods in the cupboards, and I’ve been swayed by pretty packaging 🙂


The other week I was at the supermarket and came across this:


Not an advertisement!




Generally my fave thing to do with tofu is to crumb it and fry it. Everything tastes better crumbed right?


As I didnt have and hoisin or seasame in the cupboard-perfect!  I’m not usually one for stuff from packets, but this looked all good.


I was thinking simple, so this was uber-simple.


Lightly grilled tofu and some udon noodles, and a little bok-choy.


All the tofu needed was a quite colour-up in the pan, then, then the marinade gets thrown back into the lot and reduced till sticky n syrupy.


I love Udon noodles, so so easy. Hot pan, bit of oil and a throw round. Then in with the shredded bok choy leaves for a minute.




Then the tofu gets added back in, and done!



It got me thinking, do nice meals have to have 300 different ingredients? Some people(such as some tv chefs), tend to over-complicate for the sake of it. Having the most ingredients doesn’t necessarily make the big chief.  Just makes you tired-and poor.