Well I’m not usually one for baking, but when I saw this recipe I thought I had to give it a go.

Mint dining room is a boutique restaurant serving award winning food in a small cottage setting.

I had the good fortune of catching up with Grant and Katie earlier in the year before my baby was born, and  my wife and I got to see the restaurant before it got busy.  Grant and  Katie also have a young baby now too, so are they are becoming accustomed to the lack of sleep!

Anyways, Grant has enlisted another Nelsonian, Mr Scotty Anderson to help with an upcoming book, and this recipe was one they posted on their blog.

These biscuits were so so good. I forgot to add the chopped nuts to the mix, but it still made heaps!  My neighbour got half a dozen big cookies. She told me she ate one in the morning before work, then had to come home later on in the day to polish the other five off!

They also passed the visiting relative test, with my aunt giving them a big thumbs up and my wife raved about them too.


So..if you want some Christmas kisses under the mistletoe this year, give these biccies a shot!


Choc chip biccies

Couldn’t wait, had to eat them!