For the last few days I’ve been listening to UNDUN by The Roots.


It’s been streaming on NPR, and it’s killer. Great hooks, chilled beats and fantastic lyrics.

Apparently it’s a concept album, and based on a semi-ficitional character called Redmond.  There is also a companion app for iphone/ipod touch….But its only available in the States.


It’s just under forty minutes long and sways from the melodic third song of “Make my”(the first cut leaked off the album), to the catchy ” Kool on”, and my personal fave of “Lighthouse”. Unlike so many pop/R&B albums at the moment, it certainly has something you’ll hum or take away.  Black Thought (tariq Trotter) gives a great performance with brilliant rapping, and heartfelt storytelling.

I’m a bit of a Roots fanboy, and love watching them on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and besides-any band that gets to 13 albums is a very rare commodity these days. Questlove and Black Thought are poster kids for the band, but they are a window in a collective of hugely talented musicians.

Anyways, if you were unsure of a christmas pressie for someone this year, I think you couldnt go wrong with this one.  Its certainly going to be on my playlist this summer.