Sometimes everything is Souper! Sometimes..not so much.


Last night I caught up someone I hadn’t seen for ages. Lots of twitter convos but face to face is always better!

Going to Wellington is always invigorating. And not just because of the weather. Although you can’t beat Welly on a good day.

Even thought I lived there for 10 years and know the city well, its always good to head back. Familar haunts and all. Nothing like Cuba Street to get your bearings. Although its less funky than it once was it’s still Wellington.

Anyways, we were discussing people and their foibles, challenges and habits.


We then got on to the topics of strengths and weakness. “Whats yours?” he asked.


Honestly at the time…me answering that question would rate highly on that scale of weakness! I really couldn’t think of a great answer.


On the drive back to Masterton, it got me thinking. With Wilhem Scream soothing my ears I pondered-What is my weakness?


Like a Fine Whiskey I’ve aged. And like the Dad Bod of life, I’ve gained and lost. But I think these pretty much sum it up.

1: I worry what other people think of me and want to be liked. Someone doesn’t like me? Why? What did I do wrong? Is it my hair?

Leanne French wrote in her book, “What other people think of you is none of your business”.  I really try to relate this to what I do day to day. I’m always envious of some salespeople I’ve worked in the past that just don’t get phased with rejection or conflict. But then I think…man…do they have a heart?

2:  I want to help others at the sacrifice of my own work. You know when someone has a problem, and they just can’t solve it? For the greater good you help out, meaning your own stuff just doesn’t get done. You then become the go-to guy, which whilst it inflates the ego, doesn’t always help in the end. Also – it’s exhausting!

3: I’m not fan of conflict. Mainly as I can have a short temper. But, I tend to walk away to collect my thoughts rather than just spit it out these days. I’m guilty of just cracking it in the past usually due to something simmering away.

which brings me to …

4: I dwell on stuff. Usually terrible self talk, that builds up and manifests into something totally different from the original problem. And the insurmountable challenge is really no bigger than a kerb. Sometimes related to #1.

5: I love the start of a new problem or challenge. But the day to day, or finishing of a drawn out exercise..less than so. I just get bored.

I once had a great company boss who recognised #5 in me. He was great in that he would just throw in reminders every now and then to keep me on task. It’s one I definitely keep an eye on now that I’m a bit older.

I think knowing what your weakness are is a great thing. Means I can keep myself in check on a daily basis, and give my brain a bit of a jolt if I find myself slipping.


So. Whats your weakness?