Suits of dreams? Maybe!

I went to Wellington on the weekend for a quick jaunt with my wife and 2 boys. Great day out, bit of Te Papa and a visit to the pet shop. Seth-who is 3, loves fish. LOVES them, so we were having a sly look at some aquarium set ups for him. Was pretty fun.

A couple of hours at Te Papa was enough with a 3 year old running about and a 14 month old who is just learning to walk it’s exhausting to say the least.


After a nourishing lunch (well, McD’s for the kids, sushi for mum and dad) we headed up Cuba to check out old haunts. Charlotte let me roam free to Slowboat and Eyeball Kicks while Seth enjoyed the slide.

Now that I’m in Auckland regularly I need to wear a suit for a couple of companies I visit. Hallensteins has always been good value in the past for shirts and things so I had a quick look.

Thats where it all unravels.

I spotted my dream suit. Window pane blue! Well in my budget anyways.

(Hey, Kids are expensive!). And with a sign saying $100 suits, I just had to check with the sales assistant. And sure enough it was true!


The jacket-fitted like a dream. Wife was impressed. Now…where are the pants. “hmm…said the harried sales assistant. I’ll try and find some, the computer says there is heaps”.

Bear in mind-there was AT LEAST 15 of these jackets in various sizes on 3 racks in front of me. (2 bars on 4 way racks+ a side hanging rack for the retail geeks).

She rushed around. Hey, I’ve worked in retail pretty much all of my life, I know what its like to have someone waiting.

“I’ll check with the 2ic”.  Who to be honest had a face like a bag of spanners (This is not about her appearance,she just seemed sour). Some orders were barked, and she was out the back again.

This lasted at least 10 minutes. Meanwhile my wife was wheeling around my now pretty darn bored kids. They’d had a big day.

Then came the “oh, I’ve checked the computer again, and we have NONE”. ‘”You could try the Lambton Quay store ” or something to that effect.


Yeah, thats not happening sorry.


Now, Hallensteins. I WAS READY TO BUY. Why advertise something that is clearly not available in-store.


In this case “Suit Special $100″ when all is available is jackets?


A jacket is not a suit.


I understand that sometimes things are popular. And yes you have  A LOT of stock. But…you are making it very difficult to give you my money. And to be honest…you are lying. Why have racks of Jackets. With NO PANTS.


Anyways, I sent an email on Monday morning to Hallensteins. I wouldn’t normally bother but I really really wanted that suit. I Have got a response about it being passed to a Regional Manager yesterday. That was at 12pm. I’ve heard NOTHING since.


C’mon Hallensteins, give yourselves a fighting chance.